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Thread: Suggestions

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    remove lootshare from chat filter
    A way to toggle overhead names for ground items
    Add more familiars' interation abilities
    More bosses. For example copy/paste ones from osrs and maybe add in bork (Could drop balmung for ez dagg kills), Vorago (1 phase with massive hp), Rax (1 phase massive hp)
    Add bonecrusher/other slayer items to toolbelt
    Afk pickpocketing from rogues castle in 55 wildy so people have somewhere to kill innocent people (Seems to be popular for some reason)
    Achievement sets that give rewards (Like varrock armour, fally shield etc.)
    Castle wars revamp (Xp lamps, move minigame gear from blink to where it belongs)
    Make telegrab great again
    Use number 1 and 2 keys to choose dialouge option when teleing to the wild so I/we all save time
    Make chins work like they should (Why are we paying to hunt them when they dont even work RIP Ironman chinning)
    Wildy skilling like black salamanders, Bloodweed patch so we can have aggression pots
    More weekend events that rotate through a monthly basis instead of just having the same 2 each weekend every week with double pk points being stacked alongside every weekend (Bonus/double xp, Target 1 minigame for the whole day, Clue scroll rewards buff, slayer buff, buffs in general)
    Max guild located somewhere at home (or not) which has everything you want and only accessible via cape tele (Sawmill guy, runespan tele, house portal, bank, GE, Instanced boss portal with ability to join other peoples sessions and tele to nex without needing key, Bank right next to a fire that never goes out to cook/add logs to, way to tele to farming patches ideally tree patches, Both alters, decanter next/close to bank, thieving stall that has a chance of giving stuff like magic seeds, rune bars and other things like that so maxed people can make mid tier easy money and also filling that ge up,)
    Working quick chat, ability to show off boss killcounts
    Daily challenges that give SoF tickets/xp in exchange for the amount of whatever resource required
    More skill boosting outfits like mining golem, artisians, blacksmiths. Also skill boosting gear like crystal fishing rod, hatchet etc that give additional xp on top of normal gains (A take on the Wise perk)
    Allow master capes to perfom their respected emote
    Allow Skillcapes to boost their corresponding stat
    Allow ironmen to toggle whether they can be attacked or not in the wilderness as its pretty useless since they cant pick up drops and its very very rude to kill an ironman
    Add the Gold Accumulator to dung store
    add a shortcut command for ::tele. Ideally ::t and also ::y for yell
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    Adding to the innocent killing in wildy: add demonic skull that increases rc exp if u run through wild into abyss using the zammy mage there



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