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    Update 12/11/2018

    This update today see's the release of 4 new items to Dogescape, continuing the progress of filling boss drop tables.

    New items!

    Soul hilt / Defender

    This new hilt can be acquired from Soulgazers. It requires a dragon defender to attach itself to, and can NOT be reversed.
    The defender has these stats:

    Ava's Assembler

    The latest addition to Ava's collection, the assembler is a unique drop from Wildywyrm.
    The Assembler has these stats:

    Amulet of Chaos

    A new unique item from chaos elementals drop table, The Amulet of chaos offers great tribrid stats, yet slightly weaker specific stats compared to the saradomin amulets.
    The new amulet has these stats:

    Ring of tyranny

    KBD Has recieved a new item too, The ring of tyranny offers a tribrid mix of the DK's imbued rings, But again less power in each individual stat.
    The ring has these stats:

    In other news:
    - Bandos helmet has been fixed, If you lost yours due to a bug please PM Me on discord or in game and i will refund you.
    - Lava scythe has been removed from the donator shop after halloween's end.

    Thanks for playing Dogescape, And thanks for all the support from our donators!
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